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MEA Branch Committees consist of a maximum of 10 members elected for a two year term. Five Committee positions are declared vacant each year, when nominations are called.

The positions of Chairman and Treasurer are elected by the incoming Committee for a one year term. All members of the Branch Committee must be financial members of MEA.

MEA Branch Committee members are expected to attend meetings approximately 4-6 times a year for a 2 hour period.

Branch committee meetings should be held face to face. Branch committee members may be offered the opportunity to participate in meetings via teleconference, but if located in the city where the meeting is held, are expected to attend in person.

Substitutions are not permitted at Branch Committee level. There is no provision for proxies or substitutions at branch committee meetings.

If a Committee member is absent for more than 2 consecutive Committee meetings, they may be asked to vacate the position creating a casual vacancy.

Branch committee members are not authorised to commit MEA funds or other MEA resources without prior approval from MEA National Office. i.e. amounts outside the approved budget line items.

Branch Committee members do not receive payment for their contributions – all committee positions are honorary and costs associated with attendance at meetings and events will not be borne by MEA. Incidental costs in association with committee work will not be met by MEA.

MEA Branch Committee Responsibilities

  • Branch Committee members are expected to support the activities of the Branch by attending as many activities as possible and this can have an effect on personal and / or organisational budgets and time resources
  • Service on the Branch Committee attracts points towards professional industry accreditation and recognition for a 12 month period of service (with a maximum of 15 points per 12 months including project group roles).
  • Committee members take on a portfolio some of which are supported by Project Groups to ensure that the MEA branch continues to operate successfully and in line with the national strategic plan. Portfolios include: Professional Development, Networking/Events, Marketing, Membership, SIGs, Accreditation & Recognition, Awards etc
  • Committee members must declare at the start of any meeting any Conflict of Interest on agenda items and refrain from discussion / voting (if required) on such issues.

The Role of the Branch Committee is to:

  • Determine the direction of the branch
  • Prepare and monitor branch projects, working to an annual budget
  • Enlist sponsorship
  • Advance the organisation's public image and market MEA to meet membership targets
  • Make recommendations via the Branch Chair to the MEA National Office on matters of direction, policy etc

Responsibilities of the Branch Committee include:

  • Implementing MEA’s policy and reporting branch results to the MEA National Office
  • Formulating a strategic plan
  • Setting an annual program of activity and monitoring progress of the program
  • Managing the overall performance of the branch

MEA Branches operate with the following project groups:

  • Events

Project Groups will:

  • Be chaired by up to two members of the state Branch Committee
  • Undertake Project Group tasks and responsibilities, as outlined
  • Report to the MEA state Branch Committee

Project Group members:

  • Must be financial members of MEA
  • Will receive 5 points towards AFMEA/AMM for active project group participation per annum
  • Must not be absent for more than 2 meetings per year
  • Must maintain confidentiality of MEA business

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