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Accredited Meeting Managers share a commitment to quality, professionalism and excellence from concept to conclusion.

MEA Accreditation Program

Meetings managers that are accredited can make your event or conference planning easier. They are your guarantee of up-to-date information and expert advice about every piece of the Meetings, Convention and Business Events Industry.

Put the MEA stamp of approval on your next conference, meeting or event by using an AMM or AIMM member

Accredited Meetings Managers can assist clients with:

  • Planning your event or conference
  • Selecting your venue
  • Managing your budget
  • Managing your registrations
  • Marketing for your event
  • Creating a program
  • AV requirements
  • Delegates
  • Gaining sponsorship
  • Exhibition requirements
  • Creating a social program
  • Optional pre, post & day tours
  • Travel & Accommodation

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a set of industry standards or benchmarks established by and for the meetings and events industry covering ethical business practice and customer service.

Accreditation provides clients and business operators with a guide to industry requirements to help them plan, develop, manage, improve and document their event or conference.

Accreditation also helps potential clients to identify operators who have achieved the industry standard for experience and expertise.

Accreditation makes meetings managers that are committed to professionalism and ethical business practice easily recognisable with the following logos:

Meetings Managers that achieve
MEA Accreditation are entitled to
use this symbol.

In-House Meetings Managers that
achieve MEA Accreditation are entitled
to use this symbol.

What are the benefits of using an Accredited Meetings Manager?

When selecting an Accredited Meetings Manager you are entitled to expect:

  • Professional quality customer service
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Proven competency in managing meetings, conferences and events
  • Has obtained industry endorsement of their commitment and ability in achieving high standards and ethical practice

Accredited Meetings Managers continuously work to improve their practices to maintain currency, to encompass new technologies and initiatives within the industry and ensure that they can always meet and satisfy your expectations. Remember, the Accreditation logos are displayed by Meetings Managers across Australia.

How do I find an Accredited Meetings Manager?

Here are some of the ways you can find an Accredited Meetings Manager:

  • Accredited Meetings Managers are listed in the ‘MEA Who's Who in Meetings & Events publication
  • Accredited Meetings Managers usually display the Accreditation logo in their advertising
  • Ask a manager or staff member if their Meetings Manager is Accredited or look for the Accreditation logo or post nominal's AMM or AIMM. It may be displayed on their business card, promotional material, brochure or counter of their business
  • Visit the online Who's Who in Meetings & Events for a list of MEA Accredited Meetings Managers in your state or region

Does Accreditation have government recognition?

The Australian Government recognises and supports Business Events Industry Accreditation programs, namely and in the first instance, the Meetings & Events Australia (MEA) Industry Accreditation Program. This support will ensure that endorsed accreditation programs are recognised well beyond their own industry and offer security in regard to professionalism of those using Meetings Managers to deliver their business events, meetings or conferences.

Who will you be using to manage your next Meeting, Conference or Event?

How can I be Accredited?

To apply for individual Accreditation or for more details follow the below links

Accredited In-House Meetings Manager
Accredited Meetings Manager



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