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MEA highly recommends the use of Accredited Members. An Industry Endorsement of Competency in Meetings Management and commitment to achieving high standards and ethical practice in the Meetings, Convention & Business Events Industry.

Click here for a MEA brochure with further information about the endorsement of Accredited Members.

MEA Accreditation Program for Individuals

Accredited Meetings Manager (AMM)
Accredited In-House Meetings Manager (AIMM)

The MEA Accreditation process is one of rigorous peer review involving competency assessment, interview and client references. Those members who have obtained MEA Accreditation have a proven competency in their profession and obtained Industry endorsement of their commitment and ability to achieve high standards and ethical practice. Accreditation assists potential clients to identify those who have achieved the industry standard for experience and knowledge. The Accredited member is required to re-apply every three years to prove their skills and knowledge are current and remain at a high standard.

The Accreditation Program for Meetings Managers (AMM) was introduced in 1997 and is available for professional conference organisers and meetings managers. Accreditation for In-House Meetings Managers (AIMM) was established in late 2003 to cater for those meetings specialists working within corporations and associations. Both AMM and AIMM Accreditation belong to the individual (and not the company that employs them).

In-House Meetings Managers have the choice to apply for either AMM or AIMM accreditation. The decision will be based on which accreditation is most suited to their skills and experience.

The individual Accreditation process for AMM and AIMM is extensive and is designed for meetings managers who have been employed (including self employment) in the management of meetings and conferences for at least three years of the four years immediately prior to the date of application.

Applicants for AMM and AIMM must:

  • Provide evidence of continuing Professional Development which includes undertaking, developing or delivering meetings industry education. An accumulation of at least 60 PD points is to be (or must be) obtained from a range of PD categories over the previous three years
  • Nominate a set number of client and supplier referees who are willing to provide a confidential reference
  • Successfully complete an Assessment Task, which is set by the AMM Admissions Board, or seek exemption from this task by way of the 'Recognition of Prior Learning" (RPL) process
  • Attend a personal interview with members of the AMM Admissions Board

Those awarded this status are entitled to use the post-nominal AMM or AIMM.


To ensure that MEA Accreditation remains credible, Accredited Meetings Managers and In-House Meetings Managers need to apply for Re-Accreditation every three years. Providing they continue to be employed in the Industry, maintain a minimum amount of Professional Development (60 points) during the three year period, are able to provide the required referees, and do not breach the MEA Code of Ethics, Meetings Managers will be able to retain their AMM or AIMM Accreditation. The Assessment Task and interview are not repeated.

Benefits of Accreditation to the MEA Member

  • Reinforcement to clients of the industry endorsed competency of the member as a Meetings Manager
  • Promotion of status as an Accredited professional to the industry and the general public. Examples of promotional opportunities in paid advertising campaigns and within industry publications are: Australian Financial Review; Who's Who; magazine; National Franchise journal; MEA website (with specific search facilities for Accredited members)
  • Industry endorsement of the commitment to achieving high standards and ethical practice
  • Benchmarking of individual achievement within the industry
  • Credibility within the industry and the respect of colleagues and suppliers
  • Opportunities for career advancement
  • Exclusive MEA functions for Accredited members
  • Certificate of Accreditation and Accreditation pin
Benefits of Accreditation to the Meetings, Convention & Business Events Industry
  • To ensure that the industry remains focused on raising the standards of its practice
  • To enhance the reputation of the industry and increase consumer confidence when dealing with industry professionals
  • To enforce the Industry's Code of Ethics
  • To better inform the marketplace by differentiating individuals on the basis of a pre-determined criteria which has been agreed by the sector
  • To reinforce the value of the industry as one that is professional with sufficient maturity to self-regulate
Benefits of using an Accredited Member of MEA
  • The Accredited member has successfully completed rigorous competency assessment, interview and client reference checks by a panel of industry peers
  • The Accredited member has proven competency in their field of expertise
  • The Accredited member has obtained industry endorsement of their commitment and ability in achieving high standards and ethical practice

Please refer to the Downloads of Interest Page for a Step by Step Checklist of the Accreditation Process


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