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2001 - 2002 Meeting & Events Industry Awards

MEA Home MEA Awards 2001 - 2002 Meeting & Events Industry Awards

Event of the Year Paraquad Breakout (Paraquad Victoria)

Meetings Management - 8 or more employees Intermedia Convention and Event Management

Meetings Management - less than 8 employees Pharma Events

Meeting of the Year - more than 500 delegates 6th World Congress of Chemical Engineering (Melbourne Exhibition Centre)

Meeting of the Year - less than 500 delegates Royal Australian $ New Zealand College of Opthalmologists 33rd Annual Scientific Meeting (SAPMEA)

In-House Meetings Management Happenings Australia Pty Ltd. at Glaxosmithkline

Catering/Banqueting Belinda Franks Catering

Special Event Organiser David Grant Special Events

Hall of Fame - Special Event Organiser David Grant Special Events

Technical Production Audio Solutions

Conference Support Products & Services magazine

Exhibition Support Products & Services Adelaide Expo Hire Pty Ltd.

Convention Bureau/Tourist Organisation Sydney Convention & Visitors Bureau

Meetings Industry Research Sydney Convention & Visitors Bureau

Meeting Venue - more than 500 delegates Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Meeting Venue - less than 500 delegates Radisson Playford Hotel & Suites Adelaide

Specialty Venue Dreamworld

Hall of Fame - Specialty Venue Dreamworld

Outstanding Operations Person MEG ABERNETHY - David Grants Special Events

Outstanding Sales and Marketing Person Jo Casson - Adelaide Entertainment Centre

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