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2016 MEA Industry Awards

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Entry Rules and Guidelines

Rules for Entry

  • The MEA Industry Awards are open to all companies and organisations and their employees working in the meetings and events industry.
  • Organisations and individuals that have been in breach of the MEA Code of Ethics during the qualifying period are ineligible to enter the Awards.
  • If at any time following submission of an entry, the business being nominated goes into administration, voluntary receivership, liquidation or bankruptcy, the entrant is required to advise the Awards Coordinator and accepts that the submission will no longer be eligible for an award.
  • The decisions of the MEA Awards Judging Panels are final. The entrant agrees to abide by the final decision of the judges and agrees not to bring a claim against any Judge, or Meetings & Events Australia in relation to feedback on their submission.
  • By entering the MEA Industry Awards, the entrant authorises the use and/or reproduction of images provided for advertising/editorial purposes in relation to the 2016 MEA Industry Awards. Submissions must be lodged in the state in which the entrant is registered.
  • Submissions must be lodged in the state in which the entrant is registered.
  • The information included in your submission must apply to the qualifying period from 
    1 July 2015 - 30 September 2016. Achievements outside of this timeframe are at the
    discretion of MEA.


A separate submission is required for each category entered. Each category has specific criteria which must be addressed.


Please Note: All Award submissions MUST be submitted on official award submission templates. Those submissions not completed on the official template will not be included in the judging process. Section 1, 2, 3 and 4 of your submission must be completed in separate templates.

  • Submissions must comply with format that has been provided as a downloadable document
  • The maximum number of words for each answer is outlined on the submission document
  • The font must remain 12 and the spacing must remain single
  • The font must be Arial or Verdana
  • All material that directly addresses a criteria heading must be included in the appropriate sections. Do not include this material as an appendix. MEA cannot guarantee that all supporting material will be taken into account when assessing submissions
  • Entrants must spell out acronyms and abbreviations in the first instance of it appearing in the submission
  • All applications MUST be submitted in the Microsoft word format. Please do NOT submit applications in pdf format

No submission is to include video tapes, CDs or computer disks on which supporting material is stored. These items will not be viewed by judges nor taken into consideration.


  • All material that directly addresses a criteria heading must be included in the appropriate Section 1, 2, 3 and 4. Do not include this material as an appendix
  • An appendix should only contain supplementary information.  Judges may not refer to any material contained within the Appendix due to time constraints, and will not be read in order to obtain answers to criteria questions. Please ensure that your Appendix is not more than 4 pages
  • Information contained in an appendix must be relevant to the Meetings and Events industry.

Response Length

  • Each question has a maximum word response limit 
  • Answers should not exceed these maximum lengths as judges are instructed to stop reading after the maximum length has been reached


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