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2016 MEA Industry Awards

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Submission Instructions

Please Note: All Award submissions MUST be submitted on official Award submission templates. Those submissions not completed on the official template will not be included in the judging process.

Section 1, 2, 3 and 4 of your submission must be completed in separate templates.
Award Entries MUST be submitted online. Before proceeding to the submission form, you will find it helpful to review the information that will be needed, specifically you will need to:

  • Provide contact information of the nominated person to receive correspondence about the submission
  • Provide contact information of the CEO or a senior management representative who has viewed the completed submission and confirmed that it is a true and accurate representation and also permit MEA to reproduce photographs and the profile, and to pass on contact details to official members of the media pursuing legitimate stories resulting from the Awards
  • Organise the method of payment for the submission. Credit card payments are processed online (secure etc)
    Please note: Your submission will NOT be judged if MEA does not receive your full payment by the submission closing date
  • Testimonials must be individual documents i.e. not included in a multi page appendix. These are to be uploaded onto the online submission form as separate documents
  • Have a minimum of two quality photographs of not more than 1MB in total. The photos must be a maximum of 600x480 pixels and in a jpg format. The photo file name must be of a standard format, containing your company or individual name eg. MEA1.jpg; MEA2.jpg; jbloggs1.jpg; jbloggs2.jpg. These photographs are not part of your submission to be judged, however they may be used by MEA during Awards events if your submission is a finalist or winner. These must be separate images and not contained within an additional appendix or attachment. For individual category submissions, please ensure that you attach a photo of yourself
  • Provide a 50 word or less description of the submission subject. Again, this description is for the purpose of promotion of your potential success and does not form part of the actual submission to be judged. For individual category submissions, please ensure that you provide a 50 word biography
  • Attach your company logo in a jpeg file. Must not exceed 1MB
  • Have your statement of financial viability ready to upload. (not applicable to individual awards and submissions from government departments)
  • Agree to the MEA Code of Ethics
  • All applications MUST be submitted in the Microsoft word format. Please do NOT submit applications in pdf format

Entrants will receive an email acknowledgement after submitting their entries. (Please contact MEA immediately if this does not occur).

Conditions of Acceptance

  • Submissions require all requested supporting documentation, including receipt of payment, to be considered complete

Method of Payment

To complete your submission please pay the fees associated with your entry. You can pay online at the time of submission.

Cost of submission

Individual Categories:

Member - $200 (incl. GST)
Non Member - $560 (incl. GST)

All other Categories:

Member - $300 (incl. GST)
Non Member - $850 (incl. GST)

I have read and understood the information above and wish to proceed to submit and awards entry.

Proceed to Submit an Entry to the 2016 MEA Awards: