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How are the submissions judged?

Submissions are judged on the responses to a set of Criteria for each Award. With the exception of Individual Awards, there is a maximum of six or seven questions for each Award.

The Criteria examines the actual activities during the qualifying period as it relates to core business.  It assesses the ability of the applicant to deal with extraordinary challenges provided by these activities as well as assessing the impact on the events industry overall.

NB:  It is possible for an Award not to have a winner if none of the submissions achieve a pre-determined score.

A panel of two judges will judge each submission.  These judges will be representatives from the industry as well as others who have the relevant experience and knowledge.  All judges sign a confidentiality agreement as well as a conflict of interest form.  Final scores are not debated by individual judges, and these judges are not informed of total scores. 

Judges do not discuss the contents of a submission, nor their opinion on any submission. Score sheets are not passed from one judge to another.

The national winner for a particular Award is determined by the final highest score for that Award.

No judges are involved in submissions from their own industry sector.

The Platinum Awards (corporate and individual) are awarded for the highest overall point score gained by a national winner in its respective category.

Submissions for Individual Awards will be initially assessed by a panel of two judges.

All entrants are required to acknowledge that they have read the Terms & Conditions prior to uploading a submission.


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