Ian Stuart, AFMEA

Monday 18/4, Plenary 1, 9.00am (5 speakers)




Ed BernackiMeetings in a New World: New Participation - Ed Bernacki, The Idea Factory
An understanding of why we meet, how we meet and what we get out of meeting is critical if we are to elevate the value of meetings and their potential to influence change, to stimulate innovation and creativity, to develop a knowledge economy and to make a lasting impact on the community. But how can we best participate in a meeting? Can we learn new skills for participating in a meeting? What should we be listening for and how should we act on our ideas after the meeting?

Presenter. Ed Bernacki, The Idea Factory.
Audience question: How effectively have you participated in the meeting so far? What have you learned so far (including Saturday and Sunday sessions)? How will you use it?

Mark McCrindleNew Delegates – Mark McCrindle, McCrindle Research
To successfully market meetings and to service their needs we need to know as much as possible about the prospective delegates: Who comes to meetings now? Who will be coming in the future? What will they be looking for? Where do we find them? How is it best to communicate with them? How is it best to appeal to them?

Geoff DonaghyNew Infrastructure – Geoff Donaghy, Convention Centres
Build it and they will come….. but will they? We ask the questions: Where new facilities are being built locally and around the world, what features they have and how the growth of venues in Asia will impact our competitiveness in Australia? What’s been happening in the Middle everything still on hold? Is free WiFi now the norm?


New Aviation – David Flynn, Australian Business Traveller
Meetings & Events Australia are pleased to announce David Flynn as one of the guest presenters for the Opening Plenary session on Monday 18 April. The opening business session offers conference delegates knowledge and inspiration on some of our industry's most important national and international topics. Just one of these main topics is New Aviation.

David Flynn is the editor of Australian Business Traveller ( and as part of our Meetings in a New World keynote, he will provide insight into the new wave of business travel: new competition in the market; new routes; new aircraft, cabins and seats; and most importantly, new opportunities for meeting planners to take advantage of these changes to get better value and greater return from their travel budget.

Ed BernackiNew Meetings
Ed Bernacki, The Idea Factory

As a speaker on innovative thinking, Ed Bernacki noticed that meetings rarely used the ideas he was asked to present. This led him to consider how ‘innovation’ could be applied to the design of our conference. He then wrote “Seven Rules for Designing More Innovative Conferences.” This is a practical workshop that will help you design a more effective learning strategy for a meeting. He will provide numerous case studies to give you a tool kit of ideas to shape your next event. He will also help participants recognize the value of this new expertise of meeting design.

New Expectations - Add Value to Clients
Catherine DeVrye

Clients are hard enough to win, but how do you keep them coming back time after time? In an increasingly cost-conscious environment, how do you make sure you’re adding true value-and not just cost-to the event experience? Catherine De Vrye best-selling author, current Keynote Speaker of the Year and former Australian Executive Woman of the Year uncovers the real reasons for customer loyalty. It has little to do with price and a lot do with knowing your clients as people and creatively adding value unique to their needs. Everyone in the meetings industry, whether promoting space, speakers, software, support services, sleeping rooms etc will laugh and learn during this stimulating session. Check out Catherine De Vrye on

Ed Bernacki, The Idea Factory

As a speaker on innovative thinking, Ed Bernacki noticed that meetings rarely used the ideas he was asked to present.

This led him to consider how ‘innovation’ could be applied to the design of our conference. He then wrote “Seven Rules for Designing More Innovative Conferences.” This is a practical workshop that will help you design a more effective learning strategy for a meeting. He will provide numerous case studies to give you a tool kit of ideas to shape your next event. He will also help participants recognize the value of this new expertise of meeting design.

Sponsored by Melbourne Convention & Visitors Bureau

Elizabeth Rich, Business Events Council of Australia (BECA)
Julie Sheather, Australian Associations Project

Julie SheatherMonday 18/4, Session 1, 11.00am

This session will examine the policy strategies of the Business Events Council of Australia in its advocacy work to tap the industry’s full potential, drawing on the recommendations in the National Business Events Strategy. It will also explore the marketing strategies being employed by the Associations Project to drive more international business to Australia.

Andrew McEvoyThe Power of Oprah
Andrew McEvoy, Tourism Australia

Tuesday 19/4, Session 6, 11.30am

Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure was an amazing spotlight on Australia in one of our largest inbound markets. But will it result in massive growth in the number of US visitors coming to Australia? And what does it mean for business events?

Andrew McEvoy, Managing Director of Tourism Australia, explains the strategy behind Oprah’s visit and how Australia’s national destination marketing agency is converting the buzz into sales.

Bruce SullivanLeadership: Getting people to do what they’re paid to do
Bruce Sullivan, Red Hot Relationships

Monday 18/4, Session 3, 2.00pm

Business is demanding. Enthusiasm can quickly turn to Cynicism (and as a result poor health, poor business and poor relationships) as you endure the day after day of increasing demands and the constant changes required to stay ahead and profitable in the business game. So what would it look like if you had the energy, flexibility and resilience of a four year old almost every day to maximise sales, inspire your team and generate loyal, profitable customers? What if you could enhance your current ability to relate more effectively with ALL members of your team, your customers and of course your families and friends? It is this diverse experience that has given Bruce a unique understanding of our ability to relate to one another in the workplace and at home. This is what sets his work apart and gives a very practical and timely insight into the human side of the business environment. Be prepared to come along to laugh and learn as Bruce guides us on an educational and highly entertaining journey that will help you with practical and proven ways to build resilience, decrease your stress, reclaim your energy and keep yourself focused and energised to do what matters most!

Chris Adams, Orbit Media Group 

Monday 18/4, Session 3, 2pm

Social Media is more than Facebook and Twitter - it's about creating an entire Social Operating System whereby brands and advertisers, producers and content creators, marketers and distributors, users and consumers are all using the same tools and tactics to create value for themselves and others.  The value proposition has gone from verticals to a hub-and-spoke approach to now what I call "The Sphere."  This means that the message, whatever it is, is in the middle and all of the various components of social media, social marketing, social recommendations, trans media, cross platform distribution, et al, radiate out to form a "sphere of value" which can be pushed, nudged, moved and pulled in any direction and it will hit someone. In a world of "engagement" and "interactivity" metrics, it is very important to create value which can be influenced by anyone, shared to everyone and reached by any platform.  This is the heart of social media.  Chris Adams will walk you through the various steps, strategies, provide tools and tactics to create the best value for your message and use real-world examples of campaigns and projects that show how social media can be used for much more than just finding out which of your friends is having a latte or where one of your classmates has "checked into" (the point being, like we who want to do real business really care!)

Facilitator: Lynette Maxwell, International WaterForum
Vanessa Codling, Volunteering QLD
Lisa Hamilton, UPS Foundation
Jacey Young, Chartered Accountant

Lisa HamiltonJacey YoungMonday 18/4, Session 3, 2.00pm

This Session will highlight the basic standards that should be meet when working with volunteers from a legal, risk management, and OH&S perspective. Speakers will address the practicalities of working on-site with volunteers and how to ensure that everyone’s expectations are meet.
• Queensland Volunteers
• TAFE lecturer
• Professional Conference Organiser
• Volunteer
Each will give a short presentation on expectations of volunteering from their different perspectives and the practical reality of working on events. The audience is invited to comment or share experiences and ask questions.

Mark McCrindleEngaging Generations: Understanding & Connecting with 21st Century Delegates
Mark McCrindle

Monday 18/4, Session 4, 3.30pm

Within a decade Generations Y & Z will expand from comprising less than 1 in 5 workers today, to almost half of the workforce in 2020. At the same time, with the ageing workforce, and people staying in their roles longer, we’ll have more generations attending conferences than ever before. Therefore it is critical for the meetings industry to understand the diversity, expectations and influences of the conference demographics today and as we head towards 2020.

In this session demographer and social researcher Mark McCrindle will outline:
· Conference attendees in 2020: a snapshot of the new demographics and generations
· The top trends influencing audiences and attendees over the decade ahead
· The key to promoting events to prospective attendees
· Moving from passive attendance to participation and interaction
· Effective communications: influencing and persuading whilst emotively engaging.

Peter Blasina, The Gadget Guy

Monday 18/4, Session 4, 3.30pm

The only constant with technology is that it will change.  We're all 'turned on' by the latest gadgets because that's what the suppliers want us to see. Do I buy a 'Pad' or a 'tablet'?  Which Smartphone - and how smart do I have to be to use it?  But it's more than that.  Your gadget may end up being a 'fashion statement' with the real work and productivity occurring in the background, or 'under the covers'.  Take a peek at to what's under the covers so that you can see where technology is really taking us.

Giselle RadulovicEvent Sustainability Management
Giselle Radulovic, BESydney on the Standards Australia Mirror Committee for ISO20121

Monday, 18/4, Session 4, 3.30pm

How can event planners methodically address sustainable development issues when planning an event? How you do establish a sustainability policy for your event, set objectives, targets and create processes ensuring continuous improvement? This session is an introduction to the concept of embedding a sustainable event management system into everyday business practices, taking sustainable development to a level beyond checklists and arbitrary initiatives.

The Australian event industry is currently participating in the drafting of the international standard ISO 20121: Event Sustainability Management Systems. This session will introduce some of the concepts and principles on which the standard is based. It will discuss the importance for our organisations and events to engage with it.

Rachel Botsman

Monday 18/4, Plenary 2, 4.30pm

Network technologies are reinventing not just what we consume but how we consume across sectors from finance to travel to retail goods. Rachel will share fascinating stories of how hot start-ups to Fortune 500 companies are innovating in the space of Collaborative Consumption and illustrate how consumer behavior is rapidly changing to a world where we value access over ownership, experiences over more stuff.

Named by TIME as one of the top trends of 2010, Harvard Business Review describes Collaborative Consumption as a “socioeconomic groundswell that will transform the way companies think about their value propositions.” You will walk away from this refreshingly optimistic talk with both a big picture view and pragmatic takeaways into the fast-moving future of collaboration, and how it will transform the future of business, public services and the way we live.

Ed BernackiBusiness Meetings and Conferences Matter: New Thinking on ROI
Keynote presented by: Ed Bernacki, The Idea Factory

Tuesday 19/4, Plenary 3, 9.00am

Some say that conferences are about learning and networking. Yet do these objectives maximise the opportunities we can create when people come together for a conference or meeting?

Ed Bernacki will focus on the new ways to define one of the key elements for our long term success – the return on the investment (ROI) from a conference or meeting. This is a great deal of talk about ROI yet what this means on a practical basis makes it difficult to define, manage and measure. And more importantly, how can we grow the return on our investment.

As an expert on innovation, he will ask:
• Why do we need to bring people together?
• What’s possible when people and ideas come together?
• What do participants need to know to be more successful?
• How can we prompt them to find more ideas and act on them?

Ed believes the meetings industry must ensure that people who attend conferences and meetings learn new things, share their expertise, create ideas, and then act on their ideas to achieve results.

Meeting planners must avoid the result that the Idea Factory’s research finds all too often – too many people freely admit that they attend conferences, take notes, and never look at them again.

Ed Bernacki is the creator of the Idea Factory. He also wrote a book specifically about the design of conferences, “Seven Rules for Designing more Innovative Conferences”. Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper placed it on its list of top management books of 2007. He also pioneered the concept of the Conference Navigator Guides, a unique idea journal to help people get more value from conferences.

Ed Bernacki appears sponsored by MCVB

Russell Bennett, Staging Connections
Chris Ford, AVCOM
Pat O’Hara, Showscape
Tania Goodacre, Australian Medical Association  
Carla Mathisen, International WaterForum
Lyndell Wills, Will Organise

Russell BennettChris FordPat O'HaraTania GoodacreCarla Mathisen Lyndell Wills



Tuesday 19/4, Session 5, 10.00am

There are always the ‘glamour’ events where no expense is spared in the presentation of an event and the AV geeks of the world glow in the rapture of lights, mixing desks, and cables and talk in an unfamiliar language to us mere mortals. 

However for the rest of event management world we need to work on diminishing budgets and still provide the ‘glitz and glamour’ our audience has come to expect. A little knowledge will go a long way in directing AV companies to deliver what you want on a budget you can afford.

This session provides our AV companies with the opportunity to shine through simply translating the unfamiliar into simple real language and showcasing their creative expertise in affordable ways.

Dan Gregory, SMART

Tuesday 19/4, Session 5, 10.00am

This presentation looks at how changes in technology, communications, culture and the marketplace have created huge shifts in how we engage people with our ideas, products and services. It replaces outdated marketing theory with new opportunities and practices that these changes have made possible. The media landscape has democratised, the individual can now have the global impact of a corporation and mediocrity is dying. This is the most exciting time in history to be engaged in business and communications... that is, if you know how to follow the shifts. Specifically, this presentation covers:
• The four shifts in market, media, culture and values.
• Where those shifts are taking us from and to.
• What the implications are for marketing and communications strategy.

Michael McQueenDe-Coding the Emerging Generation in Asia
Michael McQueen, The Nexgen Group

Although there has been a significant focus on studying younger generations in Australia in recent years, very little attention has been given to the emerging youth culture forming in Asia and around the globe.

In this revealing and practical presentation, three-time bestselling author and social researcher Michael McQueen will highlight a number of fascinating and compelling trends which are shaping Gen Y around the world. Specifically, Michael will look at shifts in attitudes toward patience, morality, work ethic, loyalty and respect. In addition, he will explore the implications of these trends for those working with younger generations across the cultural divide. Get set for a revealing look at the shape of things to come for the meetings industry around the globe in the years ahead.

Sponsored by Ovations

Meri Took, Staging Rentals & Construction Services
Lindsay Bennett, Lindsay Bennett Marketing,
Darren Kerr, Creative Events

Meri TookLindsay BennettDarren KerrTuesday 19/4, Session 6, 11.30am

The world is full of good ideas and the events industry is no exception – the problem for the industry seems to be turning these ideas into realistic events that come in on time and on budget.

When failure is not an option and the expectation from your clients is at such a high level that you’re not sure you can deliver – what do you do?

Delegates will discover the processes involved in turning yours and your client’s event ideas into reality.

Penny WebbPut the Pro back into Project Management
Penny Webb, SPI

Project Management for events should be driven by event specific objectives that focus on the audience journey, power of the content and the desired outcome of the event. Strategy drives logistics. Not the other way around.

It’s this focus that should be paramount throughout the management of the critical path.
Penny looks at using tried and tested project management tools in a way that works effectively for event professionals.’

Toby Travanner
Paul Pisasale, Ipswich Mayor
Kym Carter, Brisbane Stamford Hotel 
Andrew Howard, Howard & Sons
Kim Waterhouse, Directions

Paul PisasaleAndrew HowardTuesday 19/4, Session 7, 1.30pm

Also described as "when the proverbial hits the fan", so to speak. Since December 2007, when our factory exploded in the middle of what was our busiest peak season in the history of our company, we lost everything and to date we're still rebuilding our company. Add to this the "2010 Commonwealth Games in Dehli", with a country and committee that had a severe lack of organisational structure and experience in delivering a major event and you might as well ask "why are we still here".

Join Andrew as he delivers his triumph over adversity, tips for individuals and businesses of what they did, what they wish they'd done, how they did it, and what you can do to be best prepared for when the proverbial hits the fan. 

Anthony LupiWhat is CSR really about?
Anthony Lupi, Social Investment Solutions
Lil Barac-Macey, Fosters Group

Monday 18/4, Session 2, 1.00pm

• What is the overall state of CSR in Australia as we move into a new decade and Is the business case for CSR still compelling in 2011?
• What are the business drivers for Corporate Social Responsibility in 2011 and what should a strategic CSR program look like in 2011?
• How do companies, particularly small and medium sized companies, determine what
resources they should allocate to CSR?
• How do companies ensure they are getting a reasonable return for their CSR investments?

These are some of the questions that will be examined by the co-presenters of this session: Anthony Lupi, CSR specialist adviser of Social Investment Solutions, will provide an overview of CSR and the challenges facing small / medium enterprises in developing and implementing a CSR Program. He will then be joined by Lil Barac-Macey, Manager of Community Relations, Fosters Group and Paul Vivian Sales Manager, National Conventions, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre to provide some concrete examples of how their organisations are putting CSR into practice particularly at a local level.

The session will feature an interactive panel discussion with opportunities for questions from the audience floor. The emphasis of the panel discussion will be on how these organisations have embraced the challenge of putting CSR into practice. Audience members will be invited to contribute their own experiences and stories of practical social responsibility.

Toby TravenerValuing Difference: Getting the Best out of Your Clients and Colleagues
Toby Travanner, The Learning Company

Tuesday 19/4, Session 8, 2.30pm

Valuing Differences: Getting the best out of your clients and colleagues

It’s day two, the second last session and you’re really feeling the effects of the last couple of nights.  How do you keep going?  How do you get the best from yourself?  Plus, when you’re working in a team, it’s about getting the best from everyone.

This session will be like a hit of Berocca for the brain.  You’ll get multiple insights into learning how to spot certain styles and preferences and using them to help you and others perform at peak performance.  Be warned though, it’ll be a bit like trying to take a drink from a fire-hose on full blast so there’ll be no sleeping, just some ideas to get you energised for the gala dinner! (oh, and some useful stuff for work as well.)

Julian Moore, SMS

Tuesday 19/4, Session 8, 2.30pm

In this entertaining and informative session delegates will receive an overview of the fundamental concepts, skills and tools necessary to massively increase their sponsorship income. Julian Moore will provide delegates with practical tips, information and advice they can implement immediately to increase their income and decrease your costs. Delegates will be getting advice from a proven practitioner who knows what it takes to get results.

Julie Allan, The Light Gateway

Tuesday: Session 8 - 14.30 - 15.30

Do you understand true collaboration? Do you really know the “me” & “you” in the Collaborative Environment? Are you prepared to totally commit to the collaborative journey?

Spend time with Julie Allan in this inspiring and highly reflective session on Collaboration vs. Insulation.

This session will refresh your thinking in how to approach the collaborative environment with task enhancement, and without relationship injury. Learn how to participate in giving over of yourself in the collaborative environment whilst inspiring the higher intelligence of the other participants.

People who attend this session are looking for that quality edge in communication innovation. For those seasoned practitioners, you will experience a refreshment of the heart in confirming quality leadership protocol within the collaborative environment. Becoming a global citizen allows your passion for this topic to harness the power of mind and heart with new knowledge and collaborative effectiveness beyond the norms.

Zoe NaylorThe Authentic Self
Zoe Naylor

Zoe has recently become an opinion leader for Tourism Australia, a regular contributor for Australian Traveller and Road Rider magazines, as well as the national ambassador for Ducati motorcycles (she rides her own Monster 696). In an industry where ‘perception is reality’ and ‘smoke and mirrors’ is the norm, you will be humbled by this daringly honest presentation. Zoe Naylor literally peels back her physical and emotional layers in front of our eyes, exposing her authentic self and she dares us to do the same.

Zoe motivates us ‘to be the change’ and shows us how to do it one step at a time. As a result we will be able to cultivate more enriching and successful relationships professionally and personally.

Sponsored by Ovations