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As of 1 January 2004, MEA has introduced a new membership structure. More information on the structure can be found at our Member Benefits page. Membership categories are based on business size, measured by the number of full time equivalent (FTE) employees, including all employees, not just those working in the business events area.

Please note: all costs are Australian dollars and inclusive of GST.

Category A 1-5 FTE employees

The fee for Category A membership is $450 AUD plus a $35 joining fee, a total of $485 AUD GST inclusive. Entitled to one mailing subscription* and one vote**.

Category B 6-30 FTE employees

The fee for Category B membership is $765 AUD plus a $65 joining fee, a total of $830 AUD GST Inclusive. Entitled to two mailing subscriptions* and two votes**.

Category C Over 30 FTE employees

The fee for Category C membership is $990 AUD plus a $65 joining fee, a total of $1055 AUD GST Inclusive. Entitled to three mailing subscriptions* and three votes**.

Multi-site Membership - multiple locations

This category is for hotel chains, major corporations (with offices in more than one state) and franchised businesses.

As an alternative to joining as a member based on size, provided that a minimum number in the group become and remain members, the head office (or one location or hotel) must join as a Category C member and the fee for other members linked to that Category C member will be based on a sliding scale according to the number of properties/ locations. For up to 10 locations, the fee is $320 incl GST each; for locations over 10, $195 per location/hotel.

In-house Meeting Member

This membership category is only open to meetings, conference and event organisers who are working with Corporations, Associations or Government. To be eligible the company must be an entity other than
a venue, which conducts or manages meetings or business events as an adjunct to its primary purpose, and employs people who are totally or partly dedicated to managing those meetings or business events.

The fee for the In-House Meeting Member is $290 AUD plus a $35 AUD joining fee, a total of
$325 AUD GST inclusive.

*'Subscriber' is the contact nominated by the company to receive communications from MEA

Membership Entitlements for the previous membership categories:

  • Company entitled to extra subscribers at a reduced cost
  • Membership subscribers are transferable in the event of staff changes
  • Complimentary listing in the Who's Who Directory plus complimentary copy of annual print edition
  • Access to favourable credit card merchant rates with Westpac
  • All employees can attend MEA professional development programs, the national conference, forums, networking activities and site visits at preferential rates
  • Company entitled to use MEA Member logo
  • All employees can apply for MEA Accreditation & Recognition
  • Eligible to enter the MEA Awards in company and individual
    nominee names
  • Access to Members Only section of the MEA website
  • Entitled to post job vacancies on the popular JobsMEA site for free*

* conditions apply
** ‘Vote' entitlement relates to AGMs or other meetings requiring member vote as per MEA's Constitution

Other Membership Categories

Extra Subscriber

Can be added to any membership for a fee of $195 AUD GST inclusive.

One mailing subscription; ineligible to vote.

International Subscriber Member

Suitable for those who are domiciled outside Australia and who have an interest in the Australian meetings and events industry. Fee is $170 (no GST applicable).

Student Member

Enables any full-time students or part-time students not currently working in the meetings and events industry to be part of the network. The fee is $95 AUD GST incl.

Membership entitlements for above categories:

  • Receive all MEA national and relevant state newsletters
  • A free copy of MEA's Who's Who in Meetings & Events Directory
  • Attend all MEA functions, annual conference and professional development programs at preferential rates
  • Access to Members Only section of the MEA website

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