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MEA / Ruth Ellis Mentoring Program Victoria 2016

MEA is delighted to announce the 2016 MEA / Ruth Ellis Mentoring Program

The MEA / Ruth Ellis mentoring program is event industry based and pairs mentees and mentors from different organisations to provide an enhanced learning environment.

Commencing July, 2016 the targeted program will pair 15 Mentees with 15 Mentors from within the various industry sectors over a nine month period.  This provides an effective solution to addressing skills shortages and professional development within the meetings and events industry resulting in significant improvement of the industry’s overall competitiveness on the domestic and international stage.

By the end of the program, a mentee's knowledge and experience of the broader industry should have been accelerated by two to three years.

Since its inception, the Mentor program has provided an invaluable opportunity for Mentees to benefit from knowledge and experience exchange via industry leaders. Past Mentors and Mentees have been full of praise for the program and its outcomes.

A fee of $200 plus GST is applicable for Mentees.

MEA acknowledge the support of the Victorian Branch Committee in making this initiative possible.

To register your interest as either a Mentor or Mentee please email

“The MEA Mentoring program has been invaluable with regards to the perspective it has given me on both work and personal life. The ability to have an experienced, knowledgeable ‘impartial observer’, allows for learning to take place in regards to approaches to dealing with challenges – and identifying opportunities for growth and change. The professionalism and value gained from my mentor and MEA, have been a pleasure and a true credit to the events industry.” Dennis Mehling, Mentee

"The MEA mentor program has been an invaluable experience. At the beginning I did not know what to expect or what was in store for me. There are no words to exactly describe how much I have learnt, being challenged both on a personal and career development level. I really appreciate the time, willingness and encouragement my mentor James took to invest in me. I will be forever grateful. To anyone thinking of doing the same program I most definitely encourage you to do so as this has given me a great foundation for my career." Ashleigh Bosha, Mentee

"The MEA Mentor program promoted the sharing of relevant information and experience between a mentor and a mentee. It also made learning for both parties more meaningful and personalised. I can see that the program has greatly benefited my mentee as well as improved my mentoring skills within my work environment. I will continue to support this program and strongly recommend it to any industry colleague." El Kwang, Mentor

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