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In Australia more than 400,000 events are held annually. A large majority of these meetings include a corporate social responsibility activity in their programs.

MEA has created a tool to capture these contributions to evaluate the impact that business events have on the social environments and communities around Australia. Details of these contributions will be published annually. 

MEA has also created a new category in its National Awards Program to recognise the contribution that business events make to local charities and communities.

Please provide details of your event below:



Event Name

Event Date

Number attended


Event Details

(include information on the event such as who was the audience,  type of event and why the event was being held)

Financial Contribution/Donation

(how much was raised)

In Kind Support

(details of the in kind contribution to charity or the local community)

Upload Photos

Provide comments/quotes  from the delegates attending and the charities/community groups that received the contributions and what that meant for their organisations.

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