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The Benefits of Sponsorship

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The Value of Sponsorship

Sponsorships are something that you hear about more and more in business regardless of the industry, as they are a magnificent marketing opportunity for the sponsor. The act of sponsoring an event or an activity with a particular audience is widely recognised as an effective way to make the audience aware of the sponsors capabilities, products or services. Often sponsorship is an important supplement to print or electronic advertising.

Corporate sponsorship is an offer of payment or in-kind services made by a business to an organisation in return for the right of association with that organizations' name and exposure to the organisations audience or customers. Such sponsorship is an increasingly powerful marketing tool.

MEA values sponsorship because the financial support we receive helps us defray costs and add value to members. Without sponsorships the fees to join MEA or to attend MEA events may have to rise to maintain our current services to our membership.

Sponsorship of MEA activities provide a vehicle for companies to inform our members about your company products and services, and to interact with these individuals who may be clients or potential clients.

MEA offers a number of sponsorship opportunities to our members. These opportunities can be found at both branch and national level and offer valuable exposure for businesses in regard to marketing their abilities.

Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • State sponsorship opportunities
  • National sponsorship opportunities
  • Conference opportunities
For more information contact the MEA National Office.

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