From the Program Chair, Phil Holmes AFMEA

Our theme for 2007 is “An Island in a Sea of Change”. Given the island location of stunning Hobart in Tasmania and the developments that are taking place in the meetings, events and tourism industries particularly, this becomes a fitting theme. Our new initiatives are interesting, inspiring and educational.


"Be prepared to be challenged and cajoled, amused and entertained. We, as an industry are “An Island in a Sea of Change”

New initiatives

- Master Classes

Master Classes have been introduced for the more experienced professionals who would like the opportunity to work with someone at a high level. These sessions are appropriate for Business Principals and Executive Management. Professor Noel Lindsay and Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson will conduct workshops to 30 delegates each.

- Y MEA (Young MEA) Future Leaders Forum

The Y MEA Forum is targeted specifically to our young professionals as a prelude to our Annual Industry Conference. It will provide an exclusive and valuable opportunity for MEA Young Professionals to:

  • share ideas with industry leaders on specific areas that effect the industry at large
  • hear about valuable professional development and learn how to climb that ever competitive industry ladder to leadership
  • understand the politics behind the industry
  • gain valuable insights from the Y MEA Career Forum which is incorporated into the event

The Y MEA Forum guarantees to be interactive, stimulating and informative.

- Business Exchange Program

MEA invites members only to attend the inaugural Business Exchange Program to be held over Monday and Tuesday mornings throughout the duration of the MEA National Conference, Hobart 2007.

The format of the Business Exchange program will ensure meetings and information exchange occurs and that at all times the participants commercial confidentiality issues are respected. The program will encourage direct interaction to ensure a win-win situation and is limited to 30 participants. You need to be willing and prepared to share you expertise and substantiating information on a client that you have dealt with in recent times. 

- Bean Around the World

Bean Around the World is an indoor business game that focuses on change in business and how to minimise its impact through proactive planning, communication and execution excellence. Complex supply chains, consumer demand and customer satisfaction drive teams to trade in exotic coffee blends. A great way to put theory into practice, test your skills and get to meet other like-minded participants. Bean Around the World will keep you on your toes and will be the most creative, relevant and memorable coffee break you will ever have at a conference. Limited to 120 pax.

Business Break Out Sessions

The daily sessions are designed to inform, inspire and involve all delegates. We appreciate that delegates come from a variety of companies with a range of experience. The intention is to enable each of you to have something from which to choose – something to expand your mind and your way of thinking about the way you do business. There will also be sessions to encourage you to think about the future, our society, our role in society and how we make the most of it.

Social Activities

Each evening, delegates are treated for fine food and wine, great entertainment and exceptional networking opportunities.


Conference Theme

Our theme for 2007 is “An Island in a Sea of Change”. The program committee, representing all States, has developed the following concepts such that we have four (4) specific conference streams.

ISLAND – represents isolation, reflecting on your own business, and considering your own professional development and skill set improvements to be made. Within this theme we are addressing entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, leadership and sales skill development.

SEA – represents our connection with world, global issues, over the sea trends and B2B relationships, nationally & internationally. This will also include an understanding of the effects of current terror threats, security issues, risk management and global marketing.

CHANGE – represents technology developments, communication changes, changes required in our skills, and the changing way in which we might view conferences or our own business activities. Within this theme we address Whistle blowing, Sales Integrity, Technology 2007 and Beyond and more.

FUTURE – to put all these ideas onto context, the Future theme represents consideration of what can we expect in the meetings and events industry in the years to come. Issues such as international event trends, sustainable and environment friendly events, the power of the brand and the new world of sponsorship will be addressed.

2007 conference keynote speakers

Bernard Salt will opening keynote with ‘Brave New World'. Bernard Salt is internationally known for his regular commentary on a range of issues affecting our society. Business implications of demographic and social change is his speciality. He is author of the popular best–selling book “The Big Shift: Welcome to the Third Australian Culture”. His newest book, "The Big Picture" tackles countless social and demographic questions currently facing Australia .

Leo Schofield, our second keynote, will present ‘The Age of the Event'. Leo Schofield is well known for his involvement as a former Artistic Director of both the Melbourne International Festival of the Arts and the Sydney Festival. He was also the Artistic Director of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Arts Festival and the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Arts Festival. He has a weekly column in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sunday Telegraph and the Hobart Mercury

Yossi Ginsberg, our final keynote, is an inspiring survivor! In his keynote ‘The Holy Grail', Yossi explains to audiences that in order to learn anything we need firstly to make space for it. We need to learn to listen without judgement and resistance. Yossi proceeds to resolve his story with one of his most inspiring messages – Live every day as if it is your last; live it as if you'll live forever.

Our Sponsors

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