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MEA is dedicated to fostering professionalism and excellence within the Meetings and Events Industry. We believe that Professional Development, delivered by highly respected industry leaders, on a wide range of industry specific topics and in key business areas, is crucial to the future of our industry .

MEA Education & Training Programs

Meetings & Events Australia is the provider of choice on industry education and training matters by providing advice to members, employers, employees, students, members of industry associations, private training providers, school and state and federal government departments.

MEA has stimulating and educational programs to engage practitioners across all industry sectors. Highly respected industry leaders present on a wide range of industry specific topics and key business areas. Continuous professional development is crucial to the future of our industry.

MEA offers Training Programs for:

  • People already in the meetings and events industry who need re-training or industry certificates
  • People changing careers
  • New practitioners who want to learn about the meetings and events industry
  • Businesses who want to improve the skills of their staff
Established by travel industry professionals in 1976, MEA provides professional development to hundreds of members each year.

What is a Registered Training Organisation?

A training organisation registered by a state or territory registering body to deliver nationally recognised qualifications in accordance with the Australian Quality Training Framework  Essential Conditions and Standards for Continuing Registration.

MEA is registered by the NSW Vocational Education Training and Accreditation Board (VETAB).

Each of these methods of accessing Professional Development is allocated a number of approved Professional Development points that can contribute towards gaining industry Accreditation and/or industry Recognition.

Corporate Training
As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) MEA can deliver nationally recognised training for the tourism/meeting & events industry

Customised Training
Make your training solution work with a more meaningful experience customised for your organisation

MEA can support, guide and develop your new training solution using the best local and national expertise through customised training


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