Not every event manager is an Accredited Event Professional

There are no barriers to entry to become an event manager and anyone can say they know how to manage events, but would you trust your event and brand reputation to anyone who hasn’t the knowledge or expertise?

The MEA Accredited Event Professional (AEP) is the peak professional benchmark for event managers in Australia. Unlike tertiary or vocational education, AEP is recognition of both formal education and successful application of your event management experience, knowledge and skills.

The program recognises event professionals who have reached the highest levels of expertise in event management.

MEA’s Accreditation program has been developed so that clients are able to distinguish between those who say they can run an event from those who have the knowledge and expertise to create and deliver complex events.

The accreditation criteria is based on both quantitative and qualitative assessments of career achievements, work history, continuing skills development and education and contribution to the events industry.

Benefits of accreditation:

  •  Reinforcement to clients and employers of your industry endorsed competency and commitment to developing your skills and industry knowledge
  •  Recognition of your commitment to achieving high standards and ethical practice
  •  Benchmarking of individual achievement within the industry
  •  Opportunities for career advancement
  •  Exclusive invitation to MEA functions for accredited members
  •  Reduced fees to attend MEA professional development sessions and events
  •  Status as an accredited professional within the industry
  •  Certificate of Accreditation, authority to use AEP logo and post nominals