What is the Business Events Council of Australia?

The Business Events Council of Australia (BECA) was formed in 1994 as a peak industry body. It provides an umbrella structure for the key industry associations operating in the Australian business events sector. Meetings & Events Australia is a founding member of BECA and continues to support its activities. 

As the peak industry body for the business events sector we provide a single voice for the industry and liaise with the federal government and relevant agencies on matters common to all sectors of the industry. Our members represent the cross-section of the industry and we work together to build a strong voice for all sectors of the industry.

Business Events are major drivers of the Australian economy and generate trade, investment, employment, knowledge sharing and also stimulate the visitor economy.

Members of BECA, launched a pre-election campaign in Federal Parliament in November 2018, ramping up efforts to lobby government to unequivocally support policy and funding of the sector.  

BECA advocated for government support to help reap the opportunities that the business events sector can offer Australia, namely generating jobs for life, international trade, investment and both regional and national economic development.

 Specifically, the industry has determined six strategies identified in their pre-federal election submission. These are:

  1. Extension of the successful Bid Fund Program (BFP), and partnership programs managed by Business Events Australia. BECA calls for increased BEA funding of $10M or $40M within four years.
  2. Funding for research; managed by the business events community and Tourism Research Australia in order to benchmark the industry, and quantify the sector’s size, impact and worth.
  3. A national infrastructure mapping study to identify the gaps and priorities for business events infrastructure in metro and regional areas.
  4. Support to work more closely with VET and higher education sector (namely TAFE) to design courses that match the industry’s need now, and in the future.
  5. Temporary skilled labour visa reform to enable the industry to more easily respond to fluctuating demands.
  6. Growth Industries Business Events Team to link our outcomes with those associated with the Industry Growth Centre Initiatives. 

For more information on BECA go to their website here.