Collaborative and agile business solutions

Becoming a MEA Partner is an important positioning prospect for your brand. This opportunity will assist in positioning your brand as an organisation that fosters the professionalism of the business events sector - now and in the future. Our idea of partnership is to develop a strong relationship between partners and our members due to their common ties within the unique industry of business events. 

Our approach to partnerships is based on: 

  • Bringing creativity and innovation to a partnership with bespoke design

  • Bring mutual admiration and respect to a long term alliance

  • Bring agility and innovation as partnerships evolve 

  • Create tangible business opportunities for our members and partners alike

  • Develop long term alliances that provide stability and growth for the partners and the industry

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The features of partnerships within MEA include: 

  • Gaining publicity/Brand amplification

  • Fostering favourable brand and company associations

  • Improving company community relations

  • Creating promotional experience with activiations

  • Utilise our extensive industry reach via social platforms with a custom integrated 12 month marketing campaign

  • Provide a national sales footprint through our state and regional representation and events

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We understand the diverse MEA membership base and are open and willing to create custom design for all business needs and sizes. 

Please contact us to see what MEA can offer you: or +61 2 9929 5400