From the Chair: 13 October 2021

In this week's #MEAExpress, MEA Chair Nigel Collin spoke about the reopening of the business events industry, and how professional development and advocacy will play a vital part.


"A while back MEA asked our members, when you expected to see the industry start opening. Most said around March. Although six months out it is heartening to see the wheels of momentum starting to turn. Despite current lockdowns and border closures, we are seeing signs of things getting busier.

However, now is not the time to get complacent because the next six months will be vital in knuckling down, preparing, and setting ourselves up for when the industry starts to reopen.

There are two key areas MEA will focus on to help our members. Professional development and advocacy.

Professional development and education will be vital for two reasons. Firstly, to stay cutting edge in a changing event environment, and secondly, to help address the industry skills shortage through retention and attraction.

This is where MEA is of value to our members. We are the only RTO association in our industry meaning we have a Diploma of Event Management (SIT50316) by the industry for the industry. which also means we can, and do, create bespoke training programs for members by utilising modules from the diploma, developing unique content and drawing upon external expertise where needed. Which really means professional development that is fit-for-purpose for individuals and organisations. MEA of course will continue to provide value information through webinars, MEA TV, mentoring and other channels.

MEA will continue to advocate on behalf of our members and the industry on a state level for clarity of guidelines and support and Nationally with our industry association partners through BECA.

This is our industry, we built it, and it’s up to all of us to prepare and get ready for when things start to open. Please reach out and let us know what areas of professional development you would like to see addressed or to find out more why not give the office a call."