#HumansofMEA - Megan Peters, Lateral Event Management

#HumansofMEA were thrilled to speak with Megan Peters, General Manager at Lateral Event Management, about what she believes make an event stand out from all the rest, what strengths she brings to our industry, and where'd we'd most likely find her on a weekend. 




1. Megan, what strengths do you bring to the events industry?  

"My ability to remain calm in the face of anything an event can throw at me and the ability to consider multiple stakeholders needs in the design of an event."


2. It is 5 pm on a Friday Megan – what is in your glass?  

"Cider, wine, gin…..depends how strenuous the week has been!"


3. If you had a super power what would it be Megan?  

"Teleportation – every time I have to fuel up my car it irritates me... such a waste of time and it always seems to need to be done when I don’t have time to stop! And with the levels of pre-Covid travelling I was doing it would have saved me countless hours!"


4. If you could work anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?  

"Sydney! I love working here – we have fabulous locations for events, a really professional industry, and it’s where most of my friends and family are!"


5. How do you like your eggs?  



6. Name one thing that makes a great meeting stand out Megan and why?  

"When it finishes on time and you have achieved everything on the agenda – for obvious reasons!"


7. What is a skill no one would know you had?  

"I used to race motorbikes – not sure I could still do it now... but I am sure it is just like riding a bike!"


8. Where is your favourite holiday destination Megan and what activity did you spend most of the time doing?  

"Italy – and I spent most of my last trip there eating!"


9. What is the current TV series you are watching?  

"Grey’s Anatomy – again!"


10. Where would we find you on the weekend Megan?  

"Saturday’s are spent with various sports depending on the time of year – netball, soccer, cricket, little athletics – there is always something on for someone in the family! Sundays are family day and spent hanging out with my husband, daughter and dog!


Thank you Megan for talking with #HumansofMEA – we look forward to seeing you at the next MEA event for a wine or two!