Meet Keisha Pickin - NSW 2021 Ungerboeck Winner

This week #HumansofMEA is profiling NSW 2021 Ungerboeck Winner, Keisha Pickin, Event and Sales Coordinator at Merlin Events. MEA were able to get to know Keisha by asking her about her dream job ("Right now? I can't think of a job I would rather be doing"), a skill she'd like to develop ("Presenting") and the one thing that makes an event really stand out to her. Check out her full interview below. 




1. What would your dream job be and why? 

"Right now? I can’t think of a job I would rather be doing. I get to deliver unique events and my current role continuously challenges and inspires me. In saying that I enjoy bringing people together to have a positive impact and make a difference in our community, I hope to do more of this in the future." 


2. It is 5 pm on a Friday – what is in your glass? 

"If it falls under happy hour, I’ll take it!"


3. If you had a superpower, what would it be?  

"Teleporting. All the places I could see and experiences I could have, just a thought and I am suddenly there."


4. Name the #1 place on your bucket list where you would like to travel to and why? 

"Borneo. Beautiful rainforests and abundant marine life make it the perfect place to explore the beauty of our natural world."


5. What skill or ability would you like to develop and why? 

"Presenting.The power to inspire through knowledge and experience. I enjoy listening to people share their journeys and skills with others. I would love to develop my confidence to connect with audiences and inspire them."


6. Name anything that makes a great meeting, event or conference stand out to you and why? 

"Engagement. When you create moments that allow your audience or guests to be involved in the event. Through questions, activities, or collaboration we can spark feelings and deliver a unique and memorable experience."


7. What is the one skill no one would know you had? 

"I have recently started indoor rock climbing, more of a hobby but sure takes some skill!" 


8. What is one important attribute of a successful leader who inspires you?  

"Caring but daring, engage a high level of caring and also encourage a high level of daring. This leader has provided encouragement and support whilst allowing me to challenge myself and thrive on my own."


9. You are at an industry networking event. For first timers, what is your top tip on how to connect with people? 

"It is easy to stay in a group with people you know when you’re a first timer, but don’t be afraid to branch out and find some common ground to spark a great conversation. Be brave and authentic, showing genuine love for the industry and interest in the people you connect with. This is the best way to gain some great connections and even friends or mentors!"


10. What is the current TV or Netflix series you are watching? 

"Shadow and Bone." 


11. Where would you like to be 10 years from now? 

"If the last 10 years are anything to go by, I would like to have continued growing, learning, taking wrong turns/right turns, and trusting the journey will lead me in the right direction. I hope to be in a leadership role and utilise what I have learned along the way to help others achieve greatness by truly believing in themselves and their abilities. We can achieve so much when believe we can." 


12. Where would we find you on the weekend?  

"Exploring Sydney’s National Parks, Galleries, or taking a moment to slow down and read at a boutique café."