Do you or your team have unique training requirements? 

Every organisation has unique training needs for the ongoing development of their teams. Some organisations require foundational skills, others require management and leadership training and some need a mix across multiple teams with different disciplines. 

MEA works with you to co-create bespoke training solutions according to your requirements and budget. Our training programs are facilitated by industry-recognised practitioners who use current case studies to address your industry's challenges.

For more infomation click here: Bespoke Training Opportunities 2024

If you would like to learn more about MEA Bespoke Training please contact the MEA Team at: 

Most Popular Training Formats


  Half-Day Workshop (3-4 hours) Face to Face* or Virtual Classroom
 for teams located in different states.
   Full Day Workshop (6-8 hours) or 
  2x Half Day Workshops (10 am - 2 pm)
 Face to Face* or Virtual Classroom
 for teams located in different states.


  Long Courses up to 3 months or
  Long Courses up to 6 months

 Divided into modules and scheduled
 according to your organisation's needs.
 Face to Face and online.

*If you are focusing on team-building or corporate culture - we recommend a Face to Face training format.



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