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2023 Outstanding Contribution Category Sponsor



With a rich history of recognising excellence in the events industry, the MEA Awards have celebrated the achievements of the Australian events sector since 1983. Each year, MEA honours the remarkable achievements of an outstanding contributor to the Australian events industry.

The Outstanding Contribution Award category was introduced in 2002. This Award recognises the value of an individual who has contributed significantly to the advancement of the Australian events industry. It pays tribute to an exceptional individual who is highly respected and who leads discussion, supports change, and nurtures the industry leaders of tomorrow. Just eighteen people are listed on this Award’s honour roll; eighteen people who have inspired the sector through their contributions to create the dynamic and professional industry that we witness today.

Robin Mack, Tourism Australia’s Executive General Manager of Commercial and Business Events Australia, said, “Tourism Australia is proud to be once again supporting the MEA Outstanding Contribution Award this year to recognise an individual who has made significant contributions to the advancement of the events industry in Australia.”


Nominations are now open, and event professionals across the industry are highly encouraged to put forward someone who they feel has contributed substantially to growing and steering the sector on a national scale, and MEA, within the past five years. There is no fee associated with nominating for this Award.

The individual who is nominated for this Award need not be a current member of MEA, however, the nominator must be a current financial member of the Association.


Eligibility of Nominee

  • This Award is not able to be given posthumously
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted
  • Nominees must be at least 25 years of age
  • Unsuccessful nominees may be renominated in subsequent years


What must be included in the nomination

The nomination must include:

  • A written statement of 500 words on why the nominee deserves this recognition.
  • 3 – 5 supporting letters from individuals and organisations who endorse this nomination.

Watch this space for further updates and information on nominating for this Award.


The Selection Committee

Each year, MEA appoints a committee of three individuals to review the submissions for the Award. Each member of this committee is appointed on the basis that they do not know or have worked with any of the candidates nominated for the Award. They may be a past recipient of this Award, or from outside the events industry. The MEA Board is required to endorse the selection committee.



At the National Awards Night in June 2023, the esteemed Outstanding Contribution Award for 2021-2022 was presented to Anne Jamieson, CEO of Saxton Speakers Bureau, in recognition of her many years of dedication to and positive influence on the Australian Events Industry. 

The award was sponsored by Tourism Australia. Tourism Australia’s Executive General Manager of Commercial and Business Events Australia, Robin Mack, said, “Tourism Australia proudly supports the MEA Outstanding Contribution Award, which recognises an individual who has made significant contributions to the advancement of the events industry in Australia. Congratulations to Anne Jamieson for receiving the award and to all the winners from last week."



2021/22: Anne Jamieson

2020: Kate Smith

2019: Trevor Gardiner

2018: Simon Baggs

2017: Alec Gilbert

2016: Nigel Collin

2015: David Grant AM

2014: Jim Delahunty

2013: Meri Took & Ruth Lilian OAM

2012: Peter Jones

2011: Ian Stuart AFMEA

2010: Sandra Chipchase

2009: Leigh Harry

2008: Geoff Donaghy

2007: Roslyn McLeod OAM, AMM, AFMEA

2006: Elizabeth Rich

2005: Pieter van der Hoeven

2002: Meg Abernethy