At MEA, we're dedicated to education.

Whether you're embarking on a journey to initiate your career in the events sector or aiming to enhance your skills for that well-deserved promotion, MEA offers programs tailored to facilitate your ongoing career development. Learning is a lifelong journey - one that we're eager to undertake alongside you.

MEA supports career trajectories through continual education and professional growth for event professionals at any stage of their careers. Learn more about the program services that MEA offers its community and make the most out of your membership today! 



Dedicated to fostering knowledge and connections in the dynamic field of event management, MEA's Career Insights Forums provide an invaluable platform for students of event management, industry enthusiasts, recent entrants to the field, and those seeking to explore exciting career pathways. Attendees to these Forums hear from a panel of event practitioners from various sectors of the industry as they talk about what a typical day in their lives looks like, the role of MEA, and any tips they have for successful resumes.

If you are studying event management, already have an interest in the events industry, have recently become employed in the sector or want to find out more about careers and opportunities, this forum is for you.

Topics that the Foum covers are:

  • The role of Meetings & Events Australia (MEA) in our industry
  • A Day in the Life of an Event Professional - Hear from our panel of event practitioners
  • Round Table Discussion - Interactive session exploring event hot topics
  • Presenting the Best You - Successful resumes and interview skills




MEA's webinars cover a range of important topics to help you build a strong business and support the professional development of you and your team. The series is a compass for navigating the currents of the events industry, ensuring you're not only up-to-date with the latest trends but also equipped with indispensable skills that elevate your career. Webinars are free for all MEA members to view and open to all in the event industry at a small cost for non-members.




Elevate your event career to unprecedented heights by becoming an Accredited Event Professional (AEP) through MEA. Unveil a realm of exclusive opportunities and recognition that only accreditation can offer. Join the league of accomplished professionals who have harnessed the power of accreditation to not only validate their expertise but also open doors to new horizons. Embark on this journey with MEA and step into a future where your event mastery is not just acknowledged but celebrated. Your path to becoming an AEP begins here: Learn More.