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MEA's Job Directory connects with over 5,000 dedicated event professionals across Australia, providing you with the perfect platform to share your job openings or freelance listings. Whether you're on the hunt to fill a vital position within your company or are in pursuit of a talented freelancer or contractor, MEA's Job Directory offers you access to a diverse and dynamic audience of event experts eager for both full-time and freelance opportunities.

Explore, discover, and post a wide array of event industry-related jobs effortlessly through our user-friendly interface. Navigate the Positions Wanted or Positions Vacant tabs to find the ideal match for your needs.


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Freelance event professionals are able to list their qualifications to assist companies and recruiters looking for candidates. All 'Positions Wanted' listings must include: 

  • Job title 
  • State or Territory
  • Outline your key skills and overview of your experience (130 characters)
  • Upload a current resume
  • Contact details 

All listings are valid for 30 days or until your 'Application Close' date. 


Recruiters are able to list job vacancies under 'Positions Vacant'. Each listing requires information in the following areas: 

  • Job title
  • State or Territory
  • Name and logo of the organisation
  • Profile of the organisation (130 characters)
  • Position description and any further information about the role
  • Contact details for candidates to apply

All listings are valid for 30 days or until your 'Application Close' date.