Helpful hints and tips below for anyone looking to enter a winning submission for the MEA Awards Program: 

  • Answer all of the questions in the space provided. You will note that there is a maximum length for all answers that cannot be exceeded. After completing each question please indicate your word count.

  • The examples column offers suggestions only. They are examples which provide some guidance on what the judges will be seeking. Do not simply answer each of these evidence types in order.

  • If your evidence takes the form of charts, video links or graphs (i.e. not text) your response will need to be made part of an attachment to the submission document. The attachment can be simply uploaded separately at the time of submission (Maximum 3 images, charts or graphs). (Video links maximum one-minute duration).

  • All applications must be submitted in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

  • Judges’ feedback will only be provided to applicants on request following the National Awards.

  • Judges will look for evidence that you are well organised, your business is well managed, that you are reinvesting to guarantee the future of your business, and that you have systems and procedures that are appropriate and well maintained.

  • Judges do not want details of your financial accounts, but rather are seeking to understand whether your business during the year under review has grown, levelled off or decreased in size.

  • Your answer to each question must reflect the ways in which you and/or your organisation is unique, efficient and an advocate for the events industry in how, when and where it operates.