MEA is excited to launch MEA CONNECTS a series of roundtable discussions that will enable you to engage with colleagues from across the country. Join the forum to discuss current issues and topics faced by the industry and build on your industry connections and networks.

In October MEA hosted the first in our series MEA CONNECTS. To kick start Mental Health Month, on October 1, members from across the country came together in a zoom round table discussion focused on the importance of social connection and the impact it has on our mental fitness.

In these times of uncertainty, our well-being is critical.  Human connection and much of our face to face interaction, that is such a part of our great industry, has been replaced with Zoom or Team Meetings. We miss the everyday casual conversations you  have in the lift, standing at the photocopier or while making your cuppa in the kitchen. The round table highlighted how important these ‘moments’ are and how we need to ensure we create these connections in other ways.

We had the chance to meet with  members from other states and talk in small groups, as well as the larger group, and share the impact of COVID has had on our day to day mental fitness, our peaks, our troughs and to understand the importance of keeping those every day exchanges and conversations going.   Whilst recognising we all cope with the challenges of COVID differently and it can change from day to day, the strong take out was the sense of community that we are a part of and the support that this can bring.

Our thanks to Gus Worland from Gotcha4Life and Josh and Abbey from Tomorrowman and Tomorrowwoman for leading us through the conversations with great spirit, care and humour. They offer some really valuable sessions for individuals to join or can work with your organisation for a team experience and you’ll find more information on their websites:

For more information:

More MEA CONNECTS sessions are in the pipeline so stay tuned for other opportunities to be a part of the discussions on issues and topics impacting our industry. If you have an issue or topic you would like to suggest, please contact the MEA office