From the Chair: Spring is Coming

In this week's #MEAExpress, MEA Chair Nigel Collin voiced his thoughts on rebuilding the events industry.



In our backyard we have a couple of crape myrtles, which are deciduous, and I noticed only yesterday one of them has green sprouts coming through and is showing signs of life. The other one is showing nothing just yet, but I know it's just a matter of time before it too shows green sprouts. That's one of the great things about spring, not everything blooms at the same time, it's a gradual process. Spring means winter is behind us and summer is on its way.


It's a metaphor used often in business and one that is relevant for our sector at present. We've been through a very long, hard winter and it feels like spring is raising its head and summer is not too far away. We know we will be opening up and although we may not be sure when or how fast, there are signs of life, and indications of light at the end of the tunnel.


There's still much work to be done, we need clarity on guidelines for events around the country. We need to continue advocating for such things as insurance and ongoing support, which MEA, along with other industry associations at state/territory level and federally through BECA continues to do. 


Just like spring, things won't happen instantly. Recent member research we did indicates consensus that it maybe March next year before things really start to open, but green sprouts are starting to come through.


Game of Thrones got it wrong. Summer is coming. No one knows exactly when or how good it will be, but we do know it’s on its way and we need to prepare for it.