Financial benefits of being a part of an Industry association

By Treasurer, Craig Watson

Fellow event professionals,

I'm Craig Watson, General Manager of Sydney Props Group, and I'm honoured to serve as a board member and treasurer of Meetings and Events Australia (MEA).
Through my involvement with MEA over a long period of time and now representing our industry on the board I've not only contributed to shaping our industry but also reaped significant financial benefits for my own business.

MEA isn't just an association; it's a community of dedicated professionals committed to advancing the events and meetings industry in Australia.
As a member, I've experienced firsthand the positive impact of holding a MEA membership and the following benefits - 

1) Networking Opportunities.
MEA has provided unparalleled networking opportunities, connecting me with like-minded individuals who have become valuable partners and clients for Sydney Props Group.

2) Discounted Rates.
MEA membership has allowed us to save on event registrations and educational programs, enabling us to invest more in our team's development.

3) Education and Training.
The professional development resources provided by MEA have enhanced our team's skills and boosted our competitiveness in the market.

4) Industry Recognition and Opportunities.
MEA membership has elevated our profile within the industry, opening doors to exciting projects and collaborations that have positively impacted our bottom line.

5) Sponsorship Opportunities.
MEA can provide a platform for your business promoting your brand giving exposure to a targeted audience which can enhance brand recognition and credibility amongst key stakeholders.    

6) Advocacy and Representation.
As a board member of MEA, I've been involved in advocating for our industry's interests and ensuring a supportive business environment for all of us.

7) Access to Resources and Research.
MEA keeps us informed about industry trends and best practices, empowering us to deliver exceptional experiences for our clients.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at our upcoming Evolve event in the Hunter Valley 12-13 June, it's always inspiring to connect face-to-face and exchange ideas that drive our industry forward.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about my experience with MEA or how membership can benefit you and your business.

Best regards,

Craig Watson 
General Manager, Sydney Props Group 
MEA Board Member and Treasurer"