Meet Olivia Hannan - ACT 2021 Ungerboeck Winner

This week #HumansofMEA is spotlighting Olivia Hannan, Deputy Director at Air Force Events and ACT’s winner of the 2021 Ungerboeck Young Professional Scholarship. Olivia answered a series of questions ranging from what she believes makes an event stand out to her dream job and future goals. 




1. What would your dream job be and why? 

"I always dreamt of being a Professional Photographer. I have always had a love for photography and wanted it to take me around the world." 


2. It is 5 pm on a Friday – what is in your glass?  

"Cabernet Merlot."


3. If you had a superpower, what would it be?  

"To be able to read people’s minds."

4. Name the number 1 place on your bucket list where you would like to travel to and why? 

"Switzerland. I have been there once but only for 3 days and absolutely fell in love. I would love to go back and explore the country more."   


5. What skill or ability would you like to develop and why? 

"Communication. Communication is constantly changing and the way COVID has changed the way we communicate, with it being majority over a virtual platform, I would like to develop my virtual communication skills." 

6. Name anything that makes a great meeting, event or conference stand out to you and why? 

"An energetic and engaging panel/speakers. I find that if the audience is engaged early the energy levels in the room stay high."  


7. What is the one skill no one would know you had? 

"I am a C Badged Netball Umpire."  

8. What is one important attribute of a successful leader who inspires you? 

"Jacinda Ardern. Her passion and willingness to work hard." 


9. You are at an industry networking event. For us who are first timers, what is your top tip on how to connect with people? 

"Invite conversation by providing a glimpse into your life. An example could be “I like doing running for exercise, what kind of exercise do you like?”"


10. What is the current TV or Netflix series you are watching?  

"The Office."


11. Where would you like to be 10 years from now? 

"I would love to be working internationally on a large sporting event or Government Event e.g. G20 Summit or Olympic/Commonwealth Games."  


12. Where would we find you on the weekend?  

"Normally playing a sport depending on the time of year e.g. League Tag or Netball." 


Thank you Olivia for talking with #HumansofMEA – we look forward to seeing you at Evolve 2021 and celebrating your achievemen!

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