Meet Vanessa Borg - one of MEA's most recent Diploma of Event Management (SIT50316) graduates!

MEA was thrilled to catch up with Vanessa Borg to chat with the latest graduate of its Diploma of Event Management program to ask about her favourite topics, what she's looking forward to now that she's graduated, and to pass on any advice she has for those considering doing MEA's Diploma.

MEA: What did you learn during the SIT50316 Diploma of Event Management course?

Vanessa: "I learnt the fundamentals of Event Management. As my current role is based around bringing conferencing and events into our hotel, this course allowed me to gain a further understanding of how to really capture clients and effectively execute events from start to finish."


MEA: What was your favourite topic?

Vanessa: "Coordinate On-site Event Registrations. This was my favourite as onsite registrations are something I have only done a handful of times, so this allowed me to gain a lot of insight into how I can conduct these more effectively for both the client and the venue".


MEA: What are you most looking forward to now that you have the SIT50316 Diploma of Event Management qualification under your belt?

Vanessa: "I am looking forward to using my new skills and knowledge in my role and enhancing our customer experience. I am also looking forward to seeing what career opportunities/progression come out of attaining this new qualification."


MEA: If you could give one piece of advice to those thinking about doing the course, what would you say?

Vanessa: "If you are passionate about events, this course will be beneficial in so many ways; from learning how to manage an event to dealing with external suppliers and/or your client – as well as building your own self-confidence, then this is the course for you. MEA provides an unlimited amount of support to help you along the way to ensure that you are always on the right path."  


MEA: Do you have any further feedback about the Diploma or your experience?

Vanessa: "This was a great course that I highly recommend, and I am truly grateful that MEA provided me with this opportunity. Jo was such a supportive trainer and I cannot thank her enough!"


Thank you Vanessa for sharing your experience with the Diploma! For those interested in learning more about studying with MEA, click here for more information.